A Protocol for engaging, sustaining and deepening dialogue about race, and an essential tool for effectively examining organizational culture and addressing racial disparities.

Latino Racial Equity Leadership Retreat

A ​convening ​of ​Latina/o ​educational ​leaders ​committed ​to ​developing ​their ​knowledge, ​will, ​skill ​and ​capacity ​for ​racial ​equity ​leadership ​at ​the ​personal, ​professional ​and ​organizational ​levels.

Educational Partnerships

Delivering high–quality, comprehensive support for public and independent schools, higher education, corporations, municipal governments and non-government organizations.

Pre K–12 District Programming

PEG recognizes that in order for racial equity in education to truly be achieved and sustained, the entire system must be transformed.


        Glenn Singleton in Keynote Speech at the 4th Annual Conference on Philanthropy


                                  Pacific Educational Group on the BBC and on KARE 11


     Glenn Singleton in recent NYMag article "Can Racism Be Stopped in the Third Grade?"


Who We Are

Our Belief

Systemic racism is the most devastating factor contributing to the diminished capacity of all children, especially children of color and American Indian children, to achieve at the highest levels, and contributes to the fracturing of the communities that nurture
and support them.

Why Race?

Why Explore Race? Race matters – in society and in our schools. It is critical for educators to address racial issues in order to uncover personal and institutional biases that prevent students of color and American Indian students from reaching their fullest potential...

Our Purpose

PEG partners with educational systems to transform them into racially conscious and socially just environments that nurture the spirit and infinite potential of all learners, especially students of color, American Indian students and their families.


PEG has been an invaluable partner . . . in providing support to make transformational change that is felt in our classrooms, in our policy making and in our instructional and business practices.”


Carole Smith


Portland Public Schools, Portland, OR


* * * * 


“Aotearoa New Zealand… is becoming increasingly diverse. Our learner population reflects that diversity, including Maori, Pacific and over 100 other ethnic groups. We are striving to create an environment that enables equity of success for all.   That involves… confronting how people of different racial backgrounds understand and interact with each other. Courageous Conversations provides vital insights that guide our journey.”



Rick Ede

Chief Executive

Unitec Institute of Technology, Auckland, NZ


* * * * *


Through our intensive work with PEG, Adams 14 is able to effectively implement the much-needed transformation of our current structure to create systemic and sustainable change for all students.”



Dr. Kandy Steel

Deputy Superintendent

Adams County School District 14, Commerce City, CO


* * * * *


"The City’s leadership team has used Pacific Educational Group’s training and the Courageous Conversation protocol effectively to launch our racial equity work. Sharing these concepts and approaches with our partners, Saint Paul Public Schools, has created a level of trust and understanding around racial equity we didn’t have before."


Christopher B. Coleman


City of Saint Paul, MN


* * * * *


“The work Pacific Educational Group is doing through Courageous Conversations About Race will stir you intellectually and move your personal beliefs beyond what you knew possible. This is the first approach I’ve seen that moves everyone along on their journey based on where they are personally first. The application in PEG’s work goes beyond education and into many sectors of our society and industries…  I am excited to see how his work can impact the advertising industry.  PEG’s approach takes true courage to get real about one major obstacle which is - the belief system I have that may block my perspectives on diversity.  Cheers to PEG for challenging the conversation!”



Keesha Jean-Baptiste

Director of Human Resources

Weiden+Kennedy, Portland, OR


* * * * *


The partnership with PEG has been invaluable to our system-wide efforts to bring about transformation of practices, policies, and procedures that are perpetuating disparate racial outcomes.”


Dr. Lisa Williams

Director of Equity & Cultural Proficiency

Baltimore County Public Schools, Baltimore, MD


* * * * *


“Courageous Conversations About Race came across my desk at a time that I had almost given up on engaging in discussions of race and equity… People choose not to engage in these conversations - because it is hard. This book.. inspires educators and system level leaders to courageously address… [and provide] concrete tools for productively entering a conversation about race.”



Veronica Benavides

Doctoral Candidate

Education Leadership, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA