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Courageous Conversations About Race:

A Field Guide for Achieving Equity in Schools, Second Edition

by: Glenn E. Singleton (2014).
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Book Reviews

“What this book has given me is an effective set of tools to support me in understanding, first, my own racial biography and then how to discuss with my team race and its impact on education. The lessons from this book offer a useful starting point for every school district that wants to change mindsets, policies, and outcomes. Singleton takes readers on a personally and professionally transformative journey toward understanding and action.”

—S. Dallas Dance, Superintendent

Baltimore County Public Schools, MD


“All students, especially white students, need to read, think, converse and write about issues of race, racism and whiteness if teachers are to help move society into a more racially aware and just place for all. The work of Glenn Singleton and Pacific Educational Group gives educators the tools they need to have those Courageous Conversations.”

—Jackie Roehl, 2012 Minnesota Teacher of the Year

Edina High School, Edina, MN


“Brave and grounded, patient but pointed, Courageous Conversations About Race delivers a rare combination of critical information, illuminating perspective, and truly useful tools to get and keep us all engaged in the most important work of our time. A great nation is not defined by its ability to assimilate all of its citizens, but by its ability to provide equitable opportunities for all of them. This book shows us how.”

—Dr. Anton Treuer, Author, Everything You Wanted to Know About Indians But Were Afraid to Ask; Executive Director, American Indian Resource Center

Bemidji State University, MN


“When I finished reading this book, I immediately wanted to share it with others. Glenn Singleton provides strategies and tools to help one examine one’s own racial identity. His curriculum and modes of inquiry promote self-discovery and self-awareness. The racial autobiographies allowed me to deepen my racial consciousness and become a more effective Courageous Conversation practitioner.  Mr. Singleton is the best equity practitioner I have worked with—provocative, stimulating, mindful of the sensitivities of this topic, and devoted to fulfilling our racial equity mandate.”

—Ellen C. Stein, Head of School

The Dalton School, New York, NY


“In the first edition of his groundbreaking book, Courageous Conversations, Glenn Singleton made a powerful case that, in order to dismantle racism, it is first necessary to talk about and understand how power and privilege are related to race. In this second edition, he takes it one step further, adding racial autobiographies and supplements to make it even more accessible to diverse audiences. This work is sorely needed if we are ever to reach educational and social equity in our nation.”

—Sonia Nieto, Professor Emerita – Language, Literacy, and Culture

College of Education, University of Massachusetts, Amherst


“The City’s leadership team has used Pacific Educational Group’s training and the Courageous Conversation protocol effectively to launch our racial equity work. Sharing these concepts and approaches with our partners, Saint Paul Public Schools, has created a level of trust and understanding around racial equity we didn’t have before.”

—Christopher B. Coleman, Mayor

City of Saint Paul, MN


The Charlotte Observer printed: Heath Morrison, the new Superintendent for Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools and 2012 AASA Superintendent of the Year (for Washoe County, Nevada) lists Courageous Conversations About Race by Glenn Singleton and Curtis Linton as one of his most influential books (May 13, 2012)




More Courageous Conversations About Race
by: Glenn E. Singleton (2012).
Paperback Price: $36.95 ($33.25 includes 10% discount)




Book Reviews

  • "The beauty of this volume is that it is designed to help lay people-teachers, administrators, parents, community leaders, and even university professors-begin to engage in the emotionally and psychically difficult conversations about race. Glenn Singleton and Curtis Linton have offered us an important book that provides us with empirical data and well-constructed exercises to help us think through the ways that race affects our lives and our professional practices. My sincere desire is that after you have had an opportunity to read this volume you will, indeed, engage in some courageous conversations about race." (Gloria Ladson-Billings, Professor, University of Wisconsin-Madison)
  • "Challenges educators to talk in honest and open ways about race, and provides various tools to stimulate and inform the conversation. Singleton and Linton remind us that the achievement gap will not be eliminated until we learn to talk about race in ways that build bridges of understanding that lead to effective action." (Dennis Sparks, Executive Director)
  • "Given the sensitive issues of race in our nation, schools and school leaders need tools that can illuminate the concerns, guide the discussions, and generate momentum for growth and change. This book provides the tools and resources needed to move from open dialogue to meaningful action that can make excellence and equity in schools a reality." (Monte C. Moses, Superintendent)
  • "In an era when America seems content to sweep candid talk of race under the rug, Courageous Conversations About Race recognizes that denial isn’t a prescription for interracial tolerance and social progress. The authors provide thoughtful educators with innovative instructional tools to successfully navigate the most robustly diverse nation on earth." (Hugh B. Price, Former President and CEO)